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is a community based startups with the main purpose is to help other startups and small businesses through mobile apps in the field of ERP (accounting), Marketing , Information Technology, and Human Resources Management System with low or no cost.

As we are a startup ourselves, we understand the difficulties of being a startup, and we want to be your partner of your journey where you can tap our skills and knowledge in Technology. This community will become your Family, your Vessel, your Train and your Rocket to reach your business goals in colaboration with other startups. We will promote your products, your services and your skills as we expand our networking with other diverse communities and marketing agencies in your city and beyond. For us, being a startup is a good thing, because we preserve good values, to be simple and kind while enjoying helping others.

Moving forward, we also would like to become technopreneur to promote Blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligent to the community. Our mission is to prepare our members to usher the inevitable coming of industry 4.0 : The Age of Technological Disruption and take advantage of this industrial revolution waves as early adopters.
It is better not to be submerged when the waves come unless you have a submarine. We can be your little submarine!
A blockchain for example is an immutable ledger and database, which can eliminate the necessity of middle men, by implementing smart contracts, notary and internet of things into the system. Some of the affected business would be brokers, traders, financial institution such as banks, insurance, factoring / reverse factoring, luxury goods, farming, mining, all services which need identifications such as school and government and much more.

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We would like to hear how we can help you and colaborate your business with others to make it flourish in the near future.